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Murudeshwar the temple town with a vibrant scenic beauty and golden history, is located on the Arabian seafront in North Kanara Dist, Karnataka, India. It is situated on the NH-17, about 160 kms north of the port city of Mangalore. The nearest airport is also at Mangalore. Daily flights operate from Bangalore to Mangalore. Murudeshwar is well connected by road and most buses plying on the NH-17 between Mangalore and Mumbai stop at Murudeshwar. There are overnight buses also from Bangalore to Murudeshwar.

But the most picturesque and memorable experience would be to reach Murudeshwar from Mangalore or Goa by Konkan Railway and alight at Murudeshwar railway station adjoining the National Highway. Many trains stop at this station.

Murudeshwar can be visited throughout the year. Each season brings out a different hue of the coastal town.


Bhatkal is around 16 Kms from Murudeshwar, is an old port town. A predominantly Muslim town with 42 mosques. During the Vijayanagar kingdom in the 16th tourist attractions in india century this was the main port. It also famous for Jain Chandranath Basadi with its stone tiles and a temple dating back to the Vijaynagar kingdom. The temple is known for animal carvings and intricate work.

The Khetpai Narayana temple at Mudbhatkal has interesting engravings on the wall, is the best example of its rich heritage. There are nearly 10 temples here all built by Konkani merchants from Goa,india.

The mosques here are really elegant with great architecture especially Sultani Masjid, Jamia Masjid and Khalifa Masjid which are a few centuries old.

A holiday experience to Bhatkal means soaking oneself in white sand beaches and enjoying the blue sea. There is a old light house on top of a hill where you can get a breathtaking view of the sea.


Honavar is a port town, located 20 Kms from Murudeshwar,india. It is believed that Honavar is existing from Ramayana days. It was then known as Honnuru spacer or "Golden Town". When Rama shot an arrow he created a perennial spring called Rama Teertha.

It is also known for the Sharavathi Bridge, the longest bridge in Karnataka,india. Apsara Konda Falls is another must see here. It is a visual treat to watch the sun go down in the Arabian Sea from the Apsara Konda hillock. The hillock offers a beautiful view of nature from here.

Apsara Konda falls is just before you get to the hillock, from here you can get a glorious view of sunset which is one of the best you can get to watch.

In case you are in Honavar during festival time, you might get a chance to see the very popular dance drama form of Yakshagana. In the night, it is one of the finest cultural treats one can get on the coastal journey in Karnataka,india.


Around 10 miles west of the Karnataka coast on the Arabian Sea is the Netrani Island. The only inhabitants of the island are wild goats. Besides, the Indian navy often uses this island for target practice. To get there, one has to hire a fishing trawler from Bhatkal or Honawar. One approach to Bhatkal is from the south by road from Mangalore or from Mumbai (Bombay),india.

To reach Netrani, one has to hire a trawler from Bhatkal or Honowar. It is a 22 hour-long journey by bus from Mumbai to Bhatkal. It takes almost two and a half hours to three hours to reach Netrani by the trawler.

One certainly can get a lodging at Bhatkal,india, but if one decides to stay overnight at Netrani, they should make their own arrangements like tents, sufficient food and water.

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